This is a message to every bikepackers who are planning a trip to Sardinia.
Have you ever think that it will be much easier to find your bike already assembled on spot at your arrival?
Forget about moments of anxiety hoping to find your bike bag on luggage roller!

Have a look at our options for a smooth trip!

from 349€

The best solution for your bike tour!
  • Secure shipment to-from Sardinia
  • Assembly
  • Disassembly
  • Massage 

from 259€

Our hassle free option!
  • Secure shipment to-from Sardinia
  • Assembly
  • Disassembly 

One way
from 150€

Just one ride!
  • Secure shipment to or from Sardinia
  • Assembly
  • Disassembly 

from 99€

Our cheapest option.
  • Receiving bike
  • Assembly
  • Disassembly
 Shipping fee not included

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    why g cycles

    Fair prices

    We provide best value for money

    New bicycles

    We lease new bicycles for your comfort.

    Fast Delivery

    We deliver your bike at your spot.

    Good support

    Professional bike repair garage

    Convenient location

    Our main station is located in the center of the city.